Skyview® Aluminum Skylights

Choose Solar Industries Skylights to brighten your home! As fuel and electricity costs increase the use of skylights as a natural and efficient alternative to power generated interior lighting becomes obvious. Solar Industries aluminum and vinyl skylights will make rooms appear larger and colors more vibrant while providing far greater daytime illumination levels than ever before. Our vinyl-framed skylights are our most energy efficient models. The vinyl transfers very little heat and cold virtually eliminating condensation. Combine this with high performance Low E glass and you have one of the most thermally efficient skylights on the market today. Our Skyview® Tubelight® also has virtually no heat or cold transfer through the unit.

Solar Industries Skyview® Skylights are highly efficient, affordable, and durable. We offer a variety of models in both aluminum and vinyl frames and all are covered under a lifetime warranty. We also make skylights in custom sizes and shapes as well as ridgelites, acrylic pyramids, mulled units, octagons, and triangular shapes. We also manufacturer a full line of industrial models and prismatic skylights. Use the index below to view more information about Skyview® Skylights.

Self Flashing Skylights

Curb Mount Skylights

Here are some of our stock aluminum self flash skylights

Who we are...

Solar Industries is a wholesale manufacturer of residential and industrial skylights. We help consumers reduce their global energy footprint and receive sufficient daylight needs for an environmentally friendly and healthy space to live and work. We offer quality, energy-efficient skylights at competitive prices, and nobody can beat our delivery times. Choose from our selection of stock or custom made self-flashing, curb mount fixed skylights in either aluminum or vinyl. We also offer operable, smoke hatch and louvered models. We offer an unmatched combination of service and quality for retailers. Call to see how you can become a local dealer of our fine products.

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