Solar Industries Aluminum and Steel Mirror Doors

Nothing beats Solar Industries closet doors for decorative effect and functional value. Our closet doors are found in some of the country's most elegantly appointed homes. Add your home to the list by choosing from Solar's superb collection.

Whether you choose mirror, oak or vinyl board, our closet doors put the perfect finishing touch on any room or area. Their distinctive design and beauty combine to create a luxurious look you'll appreciate.

Aside from their obvious aesthetic appeal, Solar's closet doors are practical. They provide full access to closets on both sides, and they operate with smooth-running ease, guiding quietly along on bottom-roll tracks. They're rugged and reliable, standing up well to constant day to day use.

But that's not all. Solar Industries closet doors are available in either framed or frameless painted steel or anodized aluminum, bi-pass or bi-fold models. Our mirrored closet doors add a touch of gleam and glamour to any room. They create the illusion of greater surrounding space and enhance whatever natural light is present, plus they allow you to check your personal appearance from head to toe.

Any Solar Industries dealers can custom-order doors to fit any size opening. If necessary, the hardware can be adjusted to accommodate "out of square" openings permitting you to achieve the perfect fit. Solar Industries closet doors are the choice of discriminating decorators throughout the country. Make them yours too!

Who we are...

Solar Industries is a wholesale manufacturer of home and industrial skylights. We help consumers reduce their global energy footprint and receive sufficient daylight needs for an environmentally friendly and healthy space to live and work. We offer quality, energy-efficient skylights. Choose from our selection of stock or custom made self-flashing, curb mount fixed skylights in either aluminum or vinyl. We also offer operable, smoke hatch and louvered models. We offer an unmatched combination of service and quality for retailers. Call to see how you can become a local dealer of our fine products.

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